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Hello! I’m Robert Bone and I’m a professional close-up Magician, Mind-reader and Demonstrator of Extra-Sensory Curiosities. (Basically it’s a posh way of saying I mess with people’s heads in a fun and entertaining way.)

I use a combination of sleight of hand, memory techniques, psychological reading and hypnotic suggestion. This creates a style of entertainment that is both fun and engaging.

Getting Married

Mix this my interactive style, unique sense of wit and a persona that grabs attention; and I create an exciting, fresh, lively genre of entertainment – perfect for interacting with your guests and initiating conversation that will go on long after I’ve have finished. It’s much more than just card tricks.

I’m also an award-winning magician, and have won numerous professionally recognised awards (including Best Magician and Mind Reader in the UK, amongst many others). These awards are within both the corporate events and wedding industries.

Close Up Sleight of Hand Magician

Corporate Event

There’s three layers to my long term entertainment objective. Firstly I entertain at the time (so that those watching are actively entertained). Secondly it creates a talking point afterwards (when guests will discuss what they’ve seen to other guests – that’s why it is such a great conversation starter). And thirdly I aim to create a longer term memory that guests will talk about after the event; I do this by sowing in subtleties that most people won’t notice straight away, but their subconscious will!

London Wedding Magician
Having A Party

Or to put it another way: I can go up to the group that have been at the bar since three in the afternoon, show them something that will make their heads spin, and leave them wanting to see more – and probably in need of another drink. 😉

I perform at all different types of events such as weddings, parties, corporate hospitality events, Christmas parties, birthdays, military piss-ups, awards galas, trade shows and exhibitions.

Essentially, if you have a group of people and you want to ensure they don’t just stare at each other blankly for a couple of hours and moan about it afterwards then you probably need to book a magician. And if you want to book with confidence then it makes sense to book me.

Some Random Reviews

The versatility of my magic (remember that bit where I said I use sleight of hand, memory techniques, psychological reading and hypnotic suggestion?) means I can entertain whilst mingling with guests during a reception, between the dinner tables as well as a stand-up mind-reading cabaret show.

Premium Magical Entertainment

I have a varied repertoire of material and constantly adapt what I’m performing (literally group by group, table by table and person by person) to ensure they see the material that will make the biggest impact on them. I make an effort to remember names and what they’ve already seen, the goal is to return to them through-out the event and add more layers on – pushing the boundaries further with each visit.

Andover Wedding Magician

And BOOM!, instant talking point. From freaking out teenagers with some Dynamo style close-up magic, controlling minds like an un-bearded Derren Brown or dazzling the OAPs with dealing a Royal Flush from a shuffled deck of cards. And no, I can’t come to the casino with you afterwards! Magic has been my primary source of income since 2006, so those skillz really do pay the billz.

Hang on, dealing poker hands to OAPs…?! Yes. Trust me, they may seem harmless sitting there with their blue-rinse and wearing their Sunday best – but sensing the opportunity of winning big at next Tuesday’s bridge club turns even the quietest pensioner into a raging card-shark. (Legal note, this paragraph has been exaggerated for sales purposes – but I have studied card cheating techniques and even given talks on this subject at numerous WI groups!)

Sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? Too blooming right it does. You want to book me now, don’t you? Well, you should. Other people have and they all agreed they were glad they did. I know that for a fact – I did a survey.

Well, get on and contact me for a quote, or drop me an email, or even give me a call. Or WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom. (Please note: you can no longer fax me, it’s not 1987 any more.)

Neither can you send an owl. I’m not Harry Potter, and I didn’t go to Hogwarts. Bonus Top Tip: never book a magician who hilariously adjusts their Facebook profile to say they studied at Hogwarts. Trust me on that one. (And on that subject please avoid magicians who use a prop or coloured piece of clothing as their brand – this is a sure fire indicator they lack personality and originality.)

Hampshire Wedding Magician

Parties, weddings and corporate entertainment

So as a quick recap I’m a full-time, fully insured professional mind-reader and magician. You can rest assured that your guests will be in capable hands seeing some amazing entertainment. When you book me I will issue you with a formal contract/invoice, payments go through my business bank account, and I can even accept credit card. This gives you peace of mind that you are dealing with an experienced professional.

I’m based in Berkshire, and therefore have easy access to London (either along the M4 or the train – did you know it’s just half hour from Reading Central to London Paddington?!). I can get around the Home Counties with ease, pop down to the South Coast, and Birmingham and Bristol aren’t too far either.

Bray Wedding Magician

I regularly entertain all across the UK, as well as the occasional international event. Please don’t be put off thinking that I will not be able to attend because of the location of your event, and should I not be able to get to your event (either because the travel is prohibitive or because of existing commitments) I am happy to ask if any of my colleagues are available for you. Anyone I recommend would be a magician that I know personally and likely worked with before, and therefore I would be happy to personally recommend. I would also ask them to respect my pricing.

You can book me with confidence, having turned full-time professional in 2006 I have a wealth of experience and should the worst happen I have £5 million Public Liability Insurance. Seriously though, how I’m going to cause £5 million of damage doing card tricks is beyond me.

To put it another way, I’m not a hobbyist earning a few extra quid on a Saturday afternoon, but an experienced professional magician; and therefore I provide you with a top quality professional service. To put it even more simply, the boring stuff is taken care of so you can get on and enjoy yourself.

Give your guests an experience to remember

As an experienced magician my performance style is as entertaining as it is baffling and creates a fantastic experience for your guests. The style is full of comedy and hands on interaction, as well as creating memories your guests will remember for years to come.

By remembering names and what tricks I show them so as I mingle with them I can build on the experience and it becomes a lot more personal to them. Funnily enough people think that remembering names is a trick, it isn’t I just take notice of what people say to me. Saying that, if I bump into you in Tesco’s the next day it’s likely I’ll have no idea who you are. It’s to do with techniques I use for short-term memory, versus long-term memory. But here isn’t the place to get into such details, you just want to know that you’re booking someone who considers these details important.

Make sure you check out the videos of me performing, as well as read what other people say about me in my magician reviews.

If you’ve read this far down and haven’t yet convinced you to book me then please drop me an email and ask. Look forward to showing you some magic soon.

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