10 Tips to Book the Best Magician for Your Event

I’m now a published author! My book “10 Tips to Book the Best Magician for Your Event” available for purchase on Amazon, and you can purchase it as paperback or on Kindle.

Since turning professional in 2006 I have regularly been asked similar questions from people booking me for their events, and often these questions apply regardless of the type of event. However, it’s also clear that people don’t always ask questions. This could be because they don’t want to ask, but most likely because they haven’t even thought to ask them.

To put things into perspective, over the last 17 or 18 years I have been booked to entertain at hundreds (and hundreds!) of weddings; but it’s likely that most of those people who booked me had had never booked a magician for their wedding before. And of course hundreds of parties and corporate events.

When I get an enquiry I always let the person know that I have plenty of experience, and that I’m happy to offer that experience to assist them in the booking process to ensure they get the most from me to make the maximum impact. But without them having the experience they don’t realise the questions they should ask.

Therefore I had a bit of a brainstorm and came up with a list of not only Frequently Asked Questions, but also a bunch of questions, tips and advice. Then I started drilling down, coming up with more questions, answer, idea and tips.

And then I got carried away…

And then got a bit more carried away…

And before you know it I’d written a book!

The core of the book is based around ten tips, hence the title! Actually, just reading the contents page will give you those ten tips which will be a great help when considering booking a magician. However, each tip is a Chapter in it’s own right, where it is further broken down; giving reasons, steps you can take, my personal thoughts, and snippet from a client testimonial to illustrate that point.

Admittedly it’s not a massive book. But if you’re looking to book a magician for an event (whether for your own party or wedding, or because you are an events professional wanting to offer the maximum service to your clients) this book is well worth the time reading it. And many of those tips will also be applicable to for booking other forms or entertainment for an event.

10 Tips to Book the Best Magician for Your Event
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