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LUXlife have awarded me as the Best Magician and Mind Reader (UK) their 2022 Hospitality Awards!

As you know, we at LUXlife have been carefully considering nominations for the seventh annual Hospitality Awards. Following on from your nomination this year we have now completed our research stage and finalised the results. It gives us great pleasure to inform you that Robert Bone has been successful this year and has gone on to receive: Best Magician & Mind Reader (UK) in the Hospitality Awards 2022, hosted by LUXlife!

Laura Hunter – AWARDS Manager – LUXLIFe

It is great to be recognised in such a competitive field!

There are two main styles to the entertainment I offer; mainly close-up magic and my mind-reading cabaret show. Admittedly there is a cross over between the two (for example I will often include some demonstrations of mind-reading whilst performing close-up), but there are differences between the two formats.

I can – and do – perform close-up magic in pretty much any situation. Typically this will be weddings and private parties (from birthday celebrations to wedding anniversaries), as well as corporate hospitality events (such as awards dinners and Christmas parties). In all these scenarios I mingle with the guests, and can also perform around the tables.

The close-up magic is called that because people witness it close-up, literally in a small group or around the table. Not only does this mean people get a great view, but I encourage everyone to get involved in the experience. It’s a cliche, but often the magic happens right in their hands. And of course being so close the demonstrations of sleight of hand have to be to a very high standard!

When performing cabaret (again this can be at a corporate event, or a society’s annual dinner, or even after-dinner at a private gathering) I like to focus more on the mind-reading. The shows are perform are designed for adult ‘corporate’ audience, and I’ve put in certain layers that ensure that not only is it fun and engaging, but stimulates conversation long after the show has finished.

Being a mind-reading show it is necessary to have minds to read, and therefore members of the audience will find it to be an interactive show – though not everyone has to come up on stage so don’t worry. It’s also important to note that though the show is fun and full of comedy, I don’t try to embarrass people.

With 16 years of experience as a professional I have attended hundreds of corporate events, parties and weddings, it is nice for that experience and skill to be acknowledged both as a magician and mind-reader.

If you would like to find out more about how I can entertain the guests see the Cabaret Show, Corporate Event, Private Party and Wedding Magician pages, or get in contact. (I can entertain at weddings, parties and corporate events – pretty much anywhere people need entertaining!)

This is the third award I have received from LUXlife, as I was awarded me as the Most Entertaining Magician (UK) 2021 in their Global Hospitality Awards, and Wedding Magician of the Year (SE England) 2022 in their Global Wedding Awards.

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Best Magician and Mind Reader (UK) Award
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