I had a great time on Saturday afternoon entertaining at a small family event celebrating the anniversary of Claire and Chris. It was at their lovely home within the West Berkshire countryside close to Hungerford and Newbury.

With approximately 35 guests sat around five tables it meant that it didn’t take long for me to mingle around everyone and for them all to have seen some magic. Of course, this enables me to interact with everyone to ensure no one misses out; and also gives me the opportunity to learn people’s names so that when I came back to them.

Obviously with events like this people will mingle around so I try to keep track of who has seen what. It can be tricky remembering what everyone’s name is and what magic they’ve seen, but it’s worth it as people don’t see things repeated – unless people ask! (There’s a saying that a magician should never repeat a trick, well, if someone is so impressed by it they want others to see it too then I’m more than happy to do so). As I perform different styles as I mingle I try to make sure people see the style they enjoy the most, whether that’s sleight of hand, card magic or mind-reading.

With groups like this I really find I make a connection with people which really makes the magic stronger and more memorable. It also means the time fly by as I end up feeling I’m in the company of friends.

Claire sent me an email a couple of days after to show her appreciation:

Hi Robert

Just a quick note to say thank you for coming to our party on Saturday and performing your magic. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed your tricks!

With best wishes


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Anniversary Celebrations near Hungerford in West Berkshire
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