It’s great when I get a booking to perform magic at wedding in Tadley which is just down the road from me, though Mandy and Rich’s wedding this wasn’t orginally the case.

Wedding at Bishopswood TadleyGreat Tadley Wedding Venue

When they first booked me the venue was near Petersfield in Hampshire. Unfortunately a couple of months later the venue closed and Mandy and Rich’s wedding plans were thrown up in the air. Desperate to keep the date they found a new venue to hold their wedding reception at, Bishopswood Golf Course, near Tadley in Hampshire (just north of Basingstoke).

This is a great venue, and local to me. Not only that, I’m also their recommended magician (though that didn’t make much difference as Mandy and Rich had already booked me after seeing me perform elsewhere) and work there quite often. In fact, I occasionally use the driving range there; though I did joke with the staff that I’m there more with my cards than with my clubs.

Because of the chaos caused by the original venue closing Mandy and Rich actually got married the day before in a small ceremony with close family. However, they did have a brief “giving away ceremony” when Mandy arrived at the venue. It also meant that Mandy could get a bit more value from her wedding dress!

Bishopswood Tadley wedding magicianWith no formal ceremony there was relaxed atmosphere, which was perfect for me to entertain the guests whilst Mandy and Rich explored the grounds for their photographs. The magic was really well received, and was the perfect way to get guests interacting with each other and having fun.

Blowing Minds at Tadley Wedding

A few days later I also received an email from Mandy and Rich thanking me. It appears that although they missed much of the magic themselves, they’ve been hearing all about it from their guests.


Rich and I always knew that booking you was a good idea but seeing the reactions from our guests on Saturday, and hearing so many good things from them all evening regarding your work was wonderful.

Thank you so much for all your magic and charisma. Our guests will have some superb memories of Saturday thanks to you… particularly little Joey! He’s still talking about “having his mind blown” now!

Mandy and Rich X

If you’d like to find out how I can blow the minds of your guests see the page about wedding magic or drop me an email.

Oh, and although the wedding venue was moved to Bishopswood which is just a few miles from where I live, I still had to go down to near Petersfield afterwards because I had a booking down there that evening!

Bishopswood Golf Course Wedding in Tadley
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