Good news, a good idea I had is actually coming to fruitition!

My new podcast, “Having A Cuppa, with Robert Bone” is coming together. So far intro and outro music is sorted, guests are being booked, spoken to and edited. Well, not edited. Before it goes live on iTunes and Stitcher there are a few more bits of admin that need to be, including getting the artwork sorted.

What’s been done already is sounding fantastic. I’m excited. Really.

What’s the podcast about?

Basically, ten years ago I became a full time magician and over that period I’ve come across a whole range of interesting people. Not only that, but also people who are quite boring, but have interesting hobbies, jobs and opinions. Because my hobby became my job – which gives me plenty of spare time – I’ve explored lots of different hobbies over the years too.

I also like drinking tea.

Put this all together and what have you got? Having a Cuppa with Robert Bone. That’s what!

Before each podcast recording I make a cup of tea and spend the time it takes to drink it to talk with that episodes guest. It’s not scripted, planned or edited. Of course the guest knows we’ll cover their particular topic of expertise, but what happens along the way is just entertaining conversation.

But won’t it just be full of magicians?

Hopefully not. Yes, some of the guests work within the industry, but it’s not a podcast about magic, about magicians, or even for magicians. Those magicians that are on the podcast will be on because they have something else of interest – we won’t be talking tricks.

Sounds good. But what is a podcast?

Oh, for heaven’s sake… A podcast is basically a downloadable radio show, so you can listen to it on your computer or mobile device. You also need to subscribe to the podcast so future episodes get automatically downloaded.

If you have an Apple product (or iTunes on your PC) listen here:

If you have a phone or tablet using Android listen here:

Failing that, each episode will have a page on my website (for the list of episodes see and you can listen to the built in player on that page.

Fair enough. When can I listen to it?

Though the first episodes have been recorded there’s still some admin to go through before they are available to listen to. Once this initial phase is done future episodes will be coming out once or twice a week, and if you subscribed they’ll be automatically downloaded to your device.

I’m hoping this will all be ready and live by the end of next week (so mid-August 2016). Keep an eye on my Twitter and Facebook pages for updates and links.

Having a Cuppa podcast – coming soon!
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