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As the country goes further through the steps of easing lockdown restrictions, I’m really pleased to say that things are starting to pick back up again after what can only be described as “quite a quiet year”.

Since the “roadmap out of lockdown” was announced more and more enquiries have been coming in, and this has noticeably increased with each passing milestone. It’s great that people are having the confidence to get back to booking events, and of course having the addition of live entertain at the event. Though the “back to normal” date is currently set for 21st June, it isn’t until July that my diary will be properly getting back to “normal”.

Saying that, I have got a handful of bookings in May and June – and at the time of writing has even performed at a couple small birthday parties in back gardens. And I’m performing at a small wedding next weekend. It was really great to be out performing again – fortunately I’d been keeping the fingers warmed up over the last year. It was odd not performing at a single Christmas party last year, but I’m sure the diary will be packed again this year.

Vaccinations are booked in, and prior to bookings I’m sticking one of those swabs around my tonsils and up my nose to confirm I’m CoronaVirus free.

I am really, really pleased that I’ve managed to weather the storm of Covid-19. The last year has been really hard (really, really hard) and more than a couple of sacrifices have had to be made, but with perseverance I’ve managed to keep in business and be in the position to honour my obligations – and to be actively taking more bookings is really welcoming.

If you would like to find out more about booking me for your event please email [email protected] or fill out the quote request form.

By the way, there is no “new normal” – for me it’s just “normal” 😉

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