I’m fit, I’m healthy, I’ve not had (as far as I know) CoronaVirus. However, after almost four months of not performing I’m going up the bloody walls!!! 😉

I did perform on a Zoom thingy. It went down well, but if the “new normal” means performing magic and mind-reading over the internet then I’m going to have to admit it’s not my thing. I like to perform and interact with people, and I can’t really do that on a laptop or smartphone screen. Some magicians seem to relish it (perhaps they have visions that it’ll lead to TV…?!), but it’s not my thing.

However, once events are allowed to happen again then I have tweaked my repertoire so it can be performed in a “safe” way. That is keeping a safe distance, avoiding direct contact, and resisting the urge to cough over people. (That last point is going to be a toughie!)

The good news is over the last few weeks (and since restrictions have slowly be loosening) I’ve been getting a lot more enquiries for dates in autumn and weddings for next summer, and quite a few of them have already confirmed. Couple those with the events that have had to be postponed from this summer, it’s going to be a very (very!) busy 2021.

Until then, hope you aren’t losing the plot as much as I am.

Latest CoronaVirus update
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