My first professional engagement of 2018 was near Aldermaston – just round the corner from where I live. (Well, actually about 2.5 miles away, but as I live in a rural village in West Berkshire and regularly travel all over the country to attend events then it really is just round the corner!)

I was booked by Martin and Sarah to entertain at their son’s first birthday celebrations at the Old Mill in Aldermaston, close to Reading.

When Martin first contacted me I was a little worried as my style of magic and mind-reading isn’t really suitable for one year olds. Now, I realise that I regularly say my magic is “suitable for all ages”; but I take it as given that although knowledge of the best five card poker hand isn’t required, a grip of the English language and the ability to distinguish between the possible and impossible is an advantage.

Old Mill Aldermaston magician
Performing magic at Wedding at the Old Mill, Aldermaston

Fortunately Martin explained that though there would be children there, the younger ones were to be entertained by brightly coloured foam blocks, Peppa-Pig DVDs and some people who have a lot more patience than I do. I would be there to entertain the adults at the party, as well as make sure the ones too old for Peppa-Pig got involved too.

It was a great way to spend a January afternoon. As I mingled with the guests showing magic everyone really got into it; from Rob who at first was annoyed he’d given up football that afternoon to come (and then was really pleased he’d sacrificed football once he saw me) to Bryce, a ten-year old who was pleased to see some magic (and then was really annoyed because he couldn’t work out how any of it was done!)

The following day Martin sent me an email thanking me for attending:

Robert, just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. I had so many positive comments, with many simultaneously enjoying and being totally confused by your “mind f**k” skills! I do appreciate your excellent communication and preparation which resulted in thoroughly entertaining all the guests.

Thanks again,


Although the reason for the party was to celebrate a one year old’s birthday, you can see that I never miss an opportunity to mess with heads (to put it another way…) It is this that people remember and talk about afterwards. The fact they enjoy it is a bonus!

And next month I will be close to Aldermaston again (although at a different venue), but this time for a 90th birthday celebration. I think that covering the spread of 89 years in just a single month does show that my magic really is suitable for all ages.

If you are organising a birthday party, or any other event, please contact me to check availability.

Magic at a 1st Birthday Celebration in Aldermaston, Berkshire
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