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Last month I popped down to the New Forest to entertain at the Lymington Community Association’s Volunteer Lunch. This was arranged by Rachel (who is the Centre Manager) as a way to thank the volunteer’s who help in all aspects of live in and around Lymington. The mayor of Lymington (and a few other distinguished guests) were also in attendance – none of which were expecting any entertainment – just lunch!

Mix and Mingle Magic

Lymington Association MagicianWhen the guests arrived I mingled around the groups, then continued around the tables when everyone was seated. As it was a buffet lunch I ensured that those tables waiting to get called up were kept entertained, and by the time they were getting their food the first ones were finishing so I made sure they were kept entertained too!

Having a repertoire of varied material means I can show a variety of different tricks around people when the mingle, as well as do a couple of “laps” around the tables. Those that see me often comment that they are impressed that I remember their names as I mix around, but I think it’s important as it helps me connect with people – and hopefully be more than just 5 minutes of tricks before going on to the next group.

Mind-Reading Cabaret Show

Once everyone had finished lunch there were some speeches, presentations and awards; but before dessert, teas and coffees were served I took to the stage and performed a short mind-reading cabaret. This included getting plenty of audience interaction and leaving the guests with a memory of the event they definitely were not expecting.

After I finished it was great as so many people took the time to come over to me to thank me for the show, and also to have a chat about how I got into magic and how much they enjoyed themselves. It took me about three times as long to pack up as it usually does! Not only that, the ladies in the kitchen insisted that I couldn’t leave until I had some dessert. Three of them!!! 😉

Thanks for the Memories!

The following week Rachel also dropped me an email say thanks, and it’s great to hear that people were still talking about what I did the following week.

Good afternoon Robert

Just a short note to thank you so much for entertaining our guests at the Lunch on Friday. Everyone was absolutely amazed at your magic and mind reading skills and are still sharing their experiences with our visitors to the Centre this morning.

Thank you once again and I trust you had a good journey home and an enjoyable weekend.

I will be happy to recommend you should you require any references.

Kind regards


If you would be interested in keeping your guests entertained at a coming party or corporate event drop me an email.

Magic in New Forest for Lymington Volunteers’ Lunch
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