Reading Matins Rotary Club Annual Dinner

On Friday evening I had a great time entertaining the members (and their guests) of Reading Matins Rotary Club at their annual dinner, held at the Redingensians Rugby Club in Sonning, Reading.

I’m not a stranger to Rotary Club dinners and entertained at one in West Berkshire a few years ago, and because that worked so well I suggested a similar format for this one. You can read about that one here.

Therefore I entertained the members and the guests as they arrived at the venue and spent half an hour mingling in the bar area. They knew there would be some entertainment for the evening, but didn’t know what; so seeing close-up magic on arrival was a pleasant surprise and obviously kick-started the conversation in the bar.

Reading Matins Rotary Club Annual DinnerOnce called to dinner I continued entertaining around the tables, ensuring that those tables waiting to be served weren’t left staring at empty place-settings, but were involved in seeing the magic. Naturally I step back a little once dinner has been served to allow everyone one to enjoy their meal – and even managed to quickly grab some food myself to keep me going.

Once the meal was finished and tea was served there were a few presentations, but these were kept short and it gave me enough time to get my microphone wired up as following the speeches (and a brief comfort break) I was entertaining with my after-dinner cabaret.

The show lasts about 40/45 minutes and focuses more on mind-reading and mind-control aspect of what I do, which complements the previous sleight-of-hand close-up magic they had already seen. During the course of the show various members of the audience were involved, all of which are selected completely at random. I’ve designed the show so it is not only entertaining to watch, but instead of just being a series of tricks it ties together; and finishes with something that leaves people talking.

This was evident because I had people queuing up (for about half an hour after I’d finished) to talk to me and ask me questions about what I do. And they were the “how do you do that?” type of questions either, but really good questions that demonstrated that they had obviously been involved in the show!

A couple days later I also received the following email from John, who has been tasked with organising the evening:

Hi Robert,

Just a brief note to say thank you for the wonderful and professional performance at our Charter Dinner last Friday.

Everyone who went is saying how much they enjoyed your sleight of hand, memory feats and mind reading.

I keep being asked how did he do it and my answer is I don’t know, it must be magic!

Kind Regards


If you are organising a Rotary Club dinner, Masonic Ladies Night or any other society function and would like the guests entertained then please complete the contact form or drop me an email.

Magic and Mind-reading cabaret for Reading Matins Rotary Club
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