I’m really pleased to announce that after quite a bit of head-scratching you can now get an online quote for my services as a professional magician. Not only that, you can then make the booking which puts the details of your event directly into my diary!

And you can do all of that at 3 in the morning if you so desire! 😉

All of this information (plus more) is located in a private area of the website. This can be very easily access by registering your details (just your name and email address). You’ll then be emailed a link to enable you set up a password which will then give you access to the client area.

Get A Quote HereIn the client area you can download pdf versions of my latest brochure and FULL price-list. Not only that, you can go through the booking procedure to get a quotation – this takes into account the location (and hence any travel costs) as well as any redemption codes.

If you are happy to proceed simply continue through the form and enter the additional details. This then provisionally makes the booking directly into my diary. Please note I will send you a formal contract/invoice within 24 hours to formally confirm the arrangements.

Of course, once you have set up your account ensure you keep your username and password safe and secure as then you can log back on in the future to check for updates or make a booking.

If you encounter any problems with this new system or would like to discuss your requirements in more details please give me a call (07930 420 257), drop me an email ([email protected]) or complete the contact form.

New Client Area – Get An Instant Quote and Book Straight Away!
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