If you’ve seen me perform (and you enjoyed it!) please let me know, or write a review for me. This is a great way to let other people who may be considering booking me see what I can do for them. Many people find me through word of mouth or the internet, and haven’t experienced my magic first hand. Seeing the independent reviews written by others lets them know they are booking a professional to does a good job of not only performing magic, but being entertaining and professional throughout the whole process.

Of course, you can email me directly: [email protected]. (It’s always nice to have a lovely review pop through on my phone!) If you took any photos or video please attach that to the email too.

You can also write a comment or review on my official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/robertboneofficial. You can also upload any pictures or videos too, or tag me in them.

Whilst on Facebook feel free to add me as a friend, my personal profile is www.facebook.com/robertbone. Don’t worry, I don’t post about religion, politics or pictures of my food, but do hopefully put on the odd amusing post or update from the world of a professional magician.

You ca also review me on Bark – which is a sort of online directory for all sorts of services, not just magicians. You can do that by clicking the image.
Robert Bone, Magician
Thanks in advance.

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