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Wow, Saturday was a busy day starting with magic at a wedding reception at the Runnymede-on-Thames (a lovely venue in Surrey) and a joint 30th birthday celebration in Wootton Bassett, a small town in Wiltshire.

Afternoon Wedding Reception Magic

My working day started in the afternoon when I arrived at the Runnymede-on-Thames. Although not too far from me (in Berkshire) it’s a venue that I must admit to never visiting before, and is located not far from the M25 (between the junctions for the M3 and M4), and although it has close proximatey to London and the size of the complex it has a very spacious feel to it.

I arrived just before the ceremony started so made sure I kept out the way whilst the bridemaids got into position and the Kirsty (the bride) and her father made their final preperations. Once the ceremony had started I could prepare my props and make sure my tie was straight.

Once the ceremony was finished I started entertaining guests as they came out of the ceremony and got a drink. The guests were then gathered together for the group photo before Kirsty and Lee left the main group for their own photographs. (I must apologise to Kirsty and Lee as they may discover that a handful of guests are missing from the main group shot – because they insisted on seeing more magic instead!)

Most of the guests remained in the bar once the group photographs were taken because though it was a lovely spring day – it got a little chilling standing outside. I still ensure that everyone was kept entertained whereever they were, and would often re-visit groups. In fact there were more than a couple of groups that kept calling me back over and almost held up the meal because they wanted to see more.

Runnymede-on-Thames Wedding MagicOnce all the guests had been shepherded into the dining room I was left with Kirsty and Lee, and spent ten minutes giving them their own private magical experience before they were called through themselves.

Evening Joint Birthday in Wootton Bassett

On leaving the Runnymede-on-Thames I had a relaxing drive through the Home Counties to get Wootton Bassett in Wiltshire for an joint 30th birthday celebration of two friends, Laura and Lorna. I arrived (really early actually as I allowed plenty of travel time, and even then spent half an hour sat in the car-park!) to find they had decorated the venue with a vegas theme. As well as casino tables, there were decorations of playing cards of all shapes, colours and sizes. The perfect setting to get people in the mood for close-up magic.

I mingled around the tables and bar area and (perhaps helped by the casino theme) found my demonstration of sleight of hand with a deck of cards was really well received. In fact there were some tables who (just like in the afternoon) kept calling me back over again and again. There were also a couple of guests who knew a little about sleight of hand, and both admited they could only keep up with what I was doing to a point, and still had no idea how I was achieving what I was doing.

I even received an email from Laura the following day thanking me:

Hi Robert,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for last night. Everyone was saying how good you were and it was a great touch to the evening. Thank you again!! If we ever do another event we will get in touch and will certainly be recommending you.

Thanks, Laura

If you would like to find out about how I can entertain at your wedding or party please me [email protected].

Runnymede-on-Thames Wedding & Wootton Bassett Joint Party
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