I’ve just been going through my old emails and found one from a few years ago that I still think about regularly; from a veteran of the Falklands War.

Magic for Falklands War VeteranA few years ago I was entertaining at a Ladies Night event at the Apollo Hotel in Basingstoke, Hampshire and one of the guests, Stuart, loved watching the close-up magic.

Magic to Bring Back Memories

I asked if he has seen a magician before and he said he didn’t see a professional, but back in 1982 he was in the British Army and involved in the Falklands War, and was based on the Falklands for a while afterwards. Stuart told me that every morning he would get up for breakfast and in the mess a chap in the RAF (from across the other side of the mess) would get his attention and make the salt from a salt-cellar disappear into thin air. This had been bugging him for the last 32 years!

I continued entertaining the room and as I do, I go back to tables I’ve already visited and show some more magic. On Stuart’s table I picked up the salt-cellar and promptly repeated the trick he had seen all those years before. As you can imagine Stuart was gobsmacked! Even though he wasn’t the booker he still dropped me an email to say thanks a couple of days afterwards.

Hi Robert,

Not sure if you remember me but I am the guy that had dwelled on a trick that an RAF officer used to wind me up every morning in the Falkland Islands back in 1982 with the salt,
I just wanted to say thanks mate I can now go to my grave a happy man!!!

Your magic on Saturday was very impressive and it was a pleasure to meet you,

Kind regards,
Stuart S


It was an absolute honour to perform for Stuart; no doubt being involved in the Falklands Conflict was a very big part of his life, so being able to add a little to memories all these years later is a pleasure.

Thanks from a Falklands War Veteran
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