A few weeks ago I was booked to entertain at Sarah birthday celebrations at The Bell Inn, Brook, which is near to Lyndhurst in the New Forest. (I grew up in the area and my family still live locally so it was convenient for me to see my parents whilst in that neck of the woods!)

It was a small event for close friends and family, and I started mingling with the guests as they arrived in the bar area. After about half an hour or so the guests were called through to dine and continued around the (large) table, continuing with the magic.

I worked around the courses, and obviously took a step out for a few minutes when the main course was served. With close-up magic I could ensure that not only did everyone see some magic as I mingled, but could get people involved in different ways so they each had their own direct experience to take away

Following the meal I finished by performing a short show for the whole group. This worked really well as the venue had set the table up in a large U shape with all the guests sat on the outside of it. This meant that no-one had to twist their chairs or  strain their necks to watch the show.

Yesterday Sarah dropped me an email thanking me for the magical entertainment:

Hi Robert,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get in touch, I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing your stuff at the party. We were all amazed, and pleased with how it went. I was especially pleased that the kids were so enthralled!!!! I think it made the evening, and everyone was talking about it after!

Thanks so much.


I will quickly point out that the “kids” were all in their late teens – at no point where balloons turned into dogs, and no puppets got into mischief! 😉

If you too are organising a party, whether at home or at a venue; please get in contact with me by using the form or emailing me. I’ll then get back to you with all the details to make sure your party is the one your guests are talking about afterwards.

Thanks for New Forest Party Magician

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