A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Tony James for his Jabber Podcast (which you can read about on my last blog post).

One of the questions I was asked about was how I started to learn magic, and it was a book called “The Expert at the Card Table” by S W Erdnase which is available from Amazon. It is quite an advanced book that I normally wouldn’t recommend to a complete beginner, unless you find yourself in the rare situation of having lots of enthusiasm and nothing else to do for four weeks!

Erdnase: The Expert At YOUR Card Table

Multi-media speaker
Multi-media speaker

The book was not only influential to me, but it’s was influential to the whole magic community – being in print continuously since it was first published in 1903. What’s more the book is wrapped in mystery, and no one knows for sure exactly who S W Erdnase really was; though you may have noticed it spells E S Andrews in reverse!

Because of the unique circumstances of this book and it’s affect on me personally I now do a whole talk about it, which all includes demonstrations of the techniques discussed within it. The talk combines PowerPoint presentation along with a live feed from a camera at the table being projected onto a large screen – so that every member of the audience feels like they are sat at the card table with me.

You can find out more about the talk (and others I do) here: Expert At The Card Table Lecture.

If you do get the book please let me know how you get on with it.

The book that started me in magic
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