Another busy weekend of magic, and few miles added to the car. No weddings this weekend, but three parties.

There must have a been a special offer on weddings in October 1966 as this weekend I performed at two Golden (50th) Wedding Anniversary Parties, one on the Hampshire/Berkshire border and another in Kent, and a surprise 65th birthday party in Wiltshire.

esseborne manor wedding anniversary magicGolden Wedding Anniversary at Esseborne Manor, Andover

The first function of the weekend was the first Golden Wedding Anniversary of the weekend, held at the lovely Esseborne Manor, which is a secluded country venue between Newbury and Andover. David and Vicky booked me for the afternoon to mix around the tables and perform magic for their guests.

Obviously I try to avoid people whilst they are eating, the there are always gaps between the courses and when tables are cleared. And naturally as by the time the last table to served get their food, the first table has finished eating. This keeps the flow of the event going and the close-up ensures the guests are kept entertained through-out.

Then it was into the car for a trip to Swindon (after stopping off for a sandwich in Waitrose first).

Surprise 65th Birthday Party in Liddington, Swindon

I have performed at a few surprise birthday events over the last few months and sometimes I think the look of relief of the booker who has be organising the surprise party almost surpasses the look of surprise on the guest of honour’s face!

golden wedding anniversary magicianMandy booked me to entertain at John’s surprise 65th birthday in Liddington, just on the outskirts of Swindon. In discussions with Mandy a few weeks before we decided I would get to the venue when the guests were starting to arrive from about 7:15pm. This way I could ensure they were all relaxed and entertained, and already in the party spirit ahead of John’s arrival which was planned for approximately 7:45pm.

From experience it can a bit awkward for the guests during this period as they may not know others there, but find it hard to integrate before it kicks of properly. Because I mingle with close-up magic I can got the guests interacting and relaxed, but be ready to stop ahead of John’s arrival.

Once he arrived and was over the shock I continued entertaining the guests, and ensured that Mandy and John were also involved. I then finished off with an impromptu mini-cabaret where I performed some mindreading for the whole group before food was served.

Golden Wedding Anniversary in Folkstone, Kent

It was an early start on Sunday morning as I was performing at a lunchtime party to celebrate the second Golden Wedding Annivessary of my weekend. This was in the delightful village of Elham, and though now in October the weather was lovely.

folkstone kent wedding anniversary magicianDoug and Fizz were joined by almost 100 guests to celebrate their 50 years of marriage, and similar to yesterday’s party I mingled around the tables entertaining between the courses. As I mentioned before, I always try to avoid people whilst they are eating, but some of the guests were so entralled they called me back over their tables to watch more whilst they tucked in to their lamb-shank lunch!

In fact, by the end of the afternoon I realised that I left a lot latter than I had planned to because of all the people that wanted to speak to me and talk about how I started in magic, and their experiences of it.

It’s always great to hear that magic affects people (in a positive way!) and I hope that in years to come people will be talking about the magic they’ve seen me perform, and have the memory of the event they were at when the saw it.

It always stuns me when I meet people who have seen me many years prior, yet still remember things in very clear and vivid detail!

Two Golden Wedding Anniversaries and 65th Surprise Party
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