Way back in September 2011 I performed my full mind-reading cabaret show – Demonstrator of Extra-Sensory Curiosities – for the paying public at New Greenham Arts theatre near Newbury – and the show was later released on DVD. I’ve decided to release it (in full) as it’s been a few years, and now that everyone is in a Covid-19 isolation lock-down it will give you something to do for 1 hour 24 minutes! 😉

Although there were two halves (yes, it was a full show, that means two halves lasting about 40 minutes each) I’m putting it out in one, because there’s a running theme and everything links together, and if you were to watch it out of order it wouldn’t make much sense.

Admittedly not everything worked as well I had hoped, but I’ve left it in because that’s what happened on the night. Everyone was selected at random and nothing was set up, and sometimes you are forced to work with what you are given.

I’m genuinely really proud of the show, and it was nice to perform items (such as the blindfold material, and the Question and Answer “Oracle” routines) which I don’t really have a chance to perform at corporate events!

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