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Andover Wedding MagicianThe month of May can be a busy time for me. It’s when the spring showers of April have subsided and summer starts to show more consistently – but without being so hot that Factor 50 must be used just to go outside for more than 10 minutes.

Lunch, Dinner and Three Weddings

Because of that it May is a popular month for weddings and parties. So much so that on one of the weekends in May I performed at a total of five events (including the Friday!). This consisted of a gala dinner for the staff of a company, a lunch event for a local Masonic Lodge, and three weddings!

Hurstbourne Tarrant MagicianFortunately I try my best to allow plenty of travel between events so though it was a busy weekend for me, it was also fun and stress-free as I could spend my time focusing on the guests and making sure everyone at all the events were entertained!

Alana and Greg who’s wedding was on the Saturday recently dropped me an email with a couple of photographs from the day (taken by Tasha of Ikonworks Photography). It was a really fun reception with a relaxed vibe. All the guests were really up for seeing magic, and it turns out that Alana was taken to see a close-up magic show in Bath on her Hen Night – so as you can imagine the who bridal party were really keen to see more magic.

Andover Close Up Party MagicianThere wedding was in the village of Hurstbourne Tarrant, near Andover in Hampshire. It’s one of those villages that I regularly drive through on my way to from events going from Newbury to Andover, so it was actually quite nice to stop off there and actually see the sites. (It’s Hurstbourne Tarrant is a picturesque village in the countryside of north Hampshire).

As well as the photographs Alana and Greg also said thanks for the magic as it was appreciated by all of their guests.

Dear Robert,

Just wanted to send you a massive thank you for coming to our wedding on the 12th May, our guests loved it and so did we! Thank you again for your hard work and here are a few of the magic in action photos we have got back from our photographer.

Kindest Regards,

Greg and Alana

If you would like to find out about how I can entertain your guests please email [email protected].

Wedding Magician in Hurstbourne Tarrant, near Andover
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