Newbury Wedding Magic 4

In August I had the absolute pleasure of entertaining the guests at Vicki and Alex’s wedding reception in Newbury, Berkshire.

Their plans had initially been to be married in Scotland last year, but with Covid ruining that they wanted to make sure that their day was special and unique.

They had their ceremony in Reading, and immediately celebrated by taking all their guests to a games arcade! From there it was on to The Globe in Newbury. Here I mingled with Vicki and Alex’s guests – showing close-up magic. Being a mid-week wedding there was a really nice and relaxed feel to the day, and all the guests enjoyed the magic. Some really (and I mean really!) got into the magic. Tim (the photographer) did a great job trying to capture reactions, but for some of them you just really needed to be there for! 😉

I also performed a cabaret, which is something that I don’t do at most weddings. All the guests gathered round and I entertained with a shortened version of my mind-reading show. Although members of the audience were randomly selected, I still ensured Vicki and Alex were directly involved.

The show finished with a Rubik’s Cube (well, technically, two Rubik’s Cubes…) I won’t go into details here, but the reaction visibly shocked people, and I had guests coming up to me afterwards to talk to me about it. It’s good to know that I didn’t waste all my time in lockdown! 😉

As more evening guests arrived I ensured they all saw some magic – I won’t go into the story of the pint of Beavertown here… (Thanks Gemma!) Finally I managed to grab a cheeky slice of pizza and got out.

Thanks once again to Vicki and Alex for booking me, and also for forwarding over some great photos.

Thanks so much for entertaining our guests. Your tricks have still got my mind whirling and our guests loved it too.

Vicki & Alex (Newbury Wedding)

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Week Day Wedding Magic in Newbury
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