Worchester wedding magicWay back at the end of summer 2017 I performed at the wedding of my good friend Tony James in Worcester. I first met Tony a few years ago at a booking in Hampshire, because his alter-ego is the famous Robbie parody act: Blobbie Williams.

In fact, this isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned Tony on my blog, as I was a guest on his podcast a few years ago; and I returned the favour by having him as a guest on mine. (By the way, Having A Cuppa will be returning!)

I was catching up with him the other day and he remembered he’d been going through the photographs of his wedding and there were a few that included me do forwarded a couple over, and I thought I’d share them as they capture so well how I entertain and get reactions whilst performing close-up magic at a wedding.

Worchester wedding magician

Worchester magician

Worchester Cricket Club Magic

Worcester Wedding Magic
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