I didn’t want to rush out and start shouting about it, but it’s business as normal!

Well, not quite “normal”, but over the last few weeks I have been performing at events. These are small events, with social distancing and lots of hand-gel; but they are events. With real people. And not a mention of “Zoom”.

Naturally I’ve adjusted my repertoire a little, but oddly because events are a little smaller and without pumping discos in the background people aren’t forced to crowd in so much as they usually would do. And because the other traditional entertainment that accompanies a summer wedding or party (such as a disco, band and crowded dance-floor) is limited, people are really getting involved in the magic.

I’ve also been performing more “mini-cabaret”, this way all the guests get to watch some mind-reading as a whole – something that wouldn’t normally happen at a typical evening wedding reception.

I’m also taking quite a lot of bookings for 2021. As you can no doubt imagine many of the events I had booked in for 2020 were postponed a year so by April my diary for next year was already looking quite full. But now others who were already planning on a 2021 wedding are making sure they snap up the remaining dates.

To summarise, I know many were worried about whether I’d be able to weather the Covid storm, and admittedly there were some very tough and dark days over the last few months. But during that period I’ve maintained confidence in my abilities, my business, and my customers. Unlike others I kept my marketing and advertising going because I knew that even if people can’t have a party now, there’s no reason they can’t organise one for the future! This means that I’m coming out of this crazy period stronger than I went into it – and that’s just down to sheer bloody-mindedness and an inability to admit defeat!

So if you are looking to hold a small private event for some close friends and family next weekend, or have the fall on balls-out wedding to end all weddings in 2021; make sure you get in contact to discuss it with me. Email [email protected], or complete the form on the Contact Page.

And of course I’m glad you managed to survive the pandemic too. Roll on the zombie apocalypse!

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