Robert can be booked as a speaker for a wide variety of talks on different topics and situations. Please email ([email protected]) with details of the date and what sort of event you are interested in Robert speaking at.

If looking for after-dinner cabaret this can also be provides, and see the dedicated page:

Speaker for Talks and Lectures

Interactive Talks and Presentations
Interactive Talks and Presentations

These talks are great for Woman’s Institute, White Tables Nights, Rotary Meetings or after-dinner. They are primarily education but are of course entertaining; featuring demonstrations, interaction, video and audio. The talks last 45-60 minutes and allow for questions to be asked at the end.

The History of Magic

This talk is a whistle-stop tour of the history of magic, looking at the origins of magic and how it’s performance through the ages. It looks at broad styles and categories of magic, the personalities involved and demonstrations of the tricks.

The Expert at the Card Table

Robert focuses this talk on the humble deck of playing cards, and pivots the talk on a certain 100 year old book which not only got him started in magic, but is also regarded as the bible of card cheats and sleight-of-hand magicians. Demonstrations are projected onto a screen so the whole audience feel as so they are sat opposite a sleight of hand master, not just listening to a speaker.

Henry Sugar – Mind Reading

Like the Expert at the Card Table lecture, this talk also uses a book at it’s core; but instead of being a factual book, this is fictional story by Roald Dahl, “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar”. The talk covers how the demonstrations of mind-reading in the book influenced Robert as child, and how it turns out that though fictional it was based on a real person. Through-out the talk Robert gives demonstrations of mind-reading and seeing without eyes.

Magic Society Lectures

Robert can be booked to talk at magic societies. He does not claim to be a creator of magic, but over the years of being a professional magician his tricks have evolved and developed to make them unique to him. This slow process of evolutions means that whilst his material isn’t likely going to fool many magicians, the material is fine tuned to create maximum impact on spectators.

Robert’s talk divulges some of these presentational secrets that have taken countless performances to perfect, but can be immediately utilised by any magician. Of course, there are few tricks in there that Robert has developed!

Multi-media speaker
Multi-media speaker

The lecture also covers branding, marketing and running your magic as a business – giving hard hitting tips for the seasoned full-time professional or as a hobbyist looking to improve their presentation.

Robert has also created the course: How To Be A Professional Magician.

Motivational and Sales Talks

Corporate Event

Robert is also available as a keynote speaker for motivational seminars and events. Robert quit his job as a mortgage adviser in 2006 to because a full time professional magician. At the time friends, family and colleagues all thought he was crazy and put up objections. Robert had to overcome these objections (and more), and teach himself the skills needed in business – not just magic – in order to succeed.

Because of the number of options please contact Robert directly (email [email protected]) for a quotation, detailing your requirements. Thanks!

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