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Here’s a page that’s only of interest to fellow magicians.

How To Be A Professional Magician Course

Firstly, if you want to be a magician check out How To Be A Professional Magician for courses on being a working magician; covering weddings, parties, children’s magic and corporate events:

Book Test Tricks

Those that have seen me perform cabaret will have likely seen me perform the trick “with the books”, and when I get repeat bookings I am often asked to do the “one with the books”. I’ve therefore created a couple of variations that enable the magician to repeat the miracle. Both also enable other books to be integrated into the presentation, and in a way that you can customise a unique performance. (Actually, with both books you can perform three different versions!)

What’s even better is that these books can be purchased through Amazon. Make sure you contact me directly for the instructions, plus performance tips and ideas. (The books don’t have instructions in them, ensuring they can be more free examined.)

Book Test: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Illustrated)

Purchase on Amazon (UK):

Purchase on Amazon (America):

Book Test: The War of The Worlds

Purchase on Amazon (America): (Note, UK buyers can purchase on the US site using the link, unfortunately it can’t be listed on the UK site)

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