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When organising your Masonic Ladies Night, Festival or White Table there are a lot of variables, and that takes a lot of organising – and I’m guessing that neither you (or your partner) are professional event managers. In fact, I don’t really need to rely on my mind-reading powers to guess that your wife has been delegated to arrange the event herself! 😉

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Being “on the Square” I am aware at what happens at a Ladies Night or a White Table evening; so I understand the various conventions that may perplex other magicians. (Yes, the lists of toasts; and of course the terminology used.)

Watch the video, which is a montage of a Christmas Masonic Party to celebrate the launch of Berkshire Province’s 2023 Festival.

By booking me for your entertainment I can not only provide you with the knowledge and experience that I have from performing at countless corporate and Christmas parties – but also have that knowledge of attending, performing (and organising my own!) Ladies Nights over the years.

I perform at lots of Ladies Nights and Festivals, particularly in the Masonic Province of Berkshire. However, I am not limited to performing in my own Province and have performed at Ladies night from Hampshire or Northamptonshire. (I had wanted to say from Southampton to Northampton, but the Hampshire one was in Basingstoke).

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The entertainment will typical include mix and mingle magic as guests arrive at the drinks reception. This works well as those that don’t know each other, or only typically see each other at the annual Ladies Night, will be able to get involved; and the magic is a fantastic way to spark interaction and conversation.

The close-up magic continues around the dinner tables. Obviously I avoid interupting guests as they are about to eat, work around the tables waiting to be served, or between the courses. I make an effort to work with the staff at the venue to make the meal go smoothly.

Robert Bone Table Magician

After Dinner Cabaret

After the meal I can perform an after-dinner show. This can be from a short 10 minute mind-reading routine, through to a full 45 minute show.

The benefit of a show is that I gather the attention of the room and get all the guests looking in the same direction and focused. Essentially it turns a room of diners into an audience. After entertaining the audience I can hand over the Worshipful Master (or Director of Ceremonies or Toastmaster) who can introduce speeches, toasts and raffles.

This is particularly useful if the WM is not confident, or this is his first time hosting a Ladies Night.

Milford on Sea Cabaret Show Stage

To find out how I can entertain the guests at your Ladies Night please email [email protected], complete the quote request form or give me a call.

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