LUXlife have awarded me as the Most Entertaining Magician (UK) 2021 in their Global Hospitality Awards!

It has been a long journey from initially being nominated, undergoing the research and judging stages and finally being recognized for an award. We are now at the stage where your award can be shared with the world. 

I am happy to announce that we have gone live on the LUXlife website with this year’s winners of the Hospitality Awards 2021. 

Steve Simpson, Luxlife

I’ve always considered that the quality of the magic and mind-reading I perform has got to be of a high standard; but not only that, it has to be entertaining. (I know some magicians who have the most amazing sleight of hand skills – but unfortunately present their tricks in a manner that unfortunately isn’t too entertaining!)

Now, being able to say that I have been officially recognised as being entertaining is nice!

If you would like to find out more about how I can be entertaining (as recognised by the good people at LUXlife!) please get in contact. (I can entertain at weddings, parties and corporate events – pretty much anywhere people need entertaining!)

See my winner’s listing at:

Most Entertaining Magician (UK) Award
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