Robert Bone Reading Hilton Magician

Here’s a selection of videos from over the years. Some of these have been professionally recorded, others were recorded on people’s mobile phones (hence the poor quality). In all cases nothing was set up or pre-arranged.

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Wedding Magician Showreel

Magic on Trade Show Exhibition Stand

Mind Reading at Bucket List Wishes Charity Event

Compilation of Applauses and Ovations from a Variety of Events

Wedding Magic and Mind-Reading

Corporate Mind-Reading Show ” Movie Trailer”

FULL Show – Filmed in 2011

This is the FULL “Demonstrator of Extra-Sensory Curiosities” show, filmed in front of a paying public audience in 2011.

Corporate Magic and Mind-Reading

Magic at a Wedding in London

Christmas Party Magic

Robert Bone: Magician Showreel (this one is a few years old now!)

Mind-Reading in an Art Gallery

Reading the minds of the whole audience

Performing Magic at the Newbury Weekly News Offices

Hypnosis at a Wedding in Berkshire

Phone in Balloon Magic Trick at Wedding

Vanishing a Pack of Card with Hypnosis at a Wedding

Wedding Guest Forgets and Changes His Name

Having A Party
Getting Married
Corporate Event
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