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Here’s one of those charts that gives a side-by-side comparison of the Close-Up Magic Wedding Packages I offer, but scroll down a little more for a more detailed breakdown.

I also offer a special Magic Wedding Host, in which I host the day (and is A LOT more than just magic!)

Wedding Reception Package (1.5 Hours of Close-Up Magic)

There’s two main times when I am booked to entertain at weddings; the afternoon or the evening.

If I perform in the afternoon then I’m there keeping the guests entertained during the photo period. You don’t want your guests standing around talking about the weather for an hour do you? Bet you’ve been to a wedding like that before; boring, isn’t it?!

Another popular time is in the evening after the meal whilst the disco sets up and evening guests arrive. I interact with your guests, getting their names, building groups and sparking conversation between them as I mingle around. This is great because not only do your guests get involved in the magic, but as the bride and groom you aren’t going off for more photographs so have more opportunity to get involved yourselves.

  • Mix & mingle magic and mind-reading
  • Suitable for afternoon reception (after ceremony, whilst photographs are taken) or start of evening reception (after dinner, whilst room prepared and evening guests arrive)

Some Random Reviews

Wedding Reception Package PLUS (2 Hours of Close-Up Magic)

Basically the same as the Wedding Reception Package (above), but for an extra half an hour. This useful if the timings (or number of guests) as your wedding requires that extra bit more.

Premium Wedding Package (2.5 Hours of Close-Up Magic)

This package builds on the Reception Package. It includes the 1.5 hours of close-up magic for the reception (either afternoon or evening), but also includes 45/60 minutes of close-up magic around the dinner tables.

For example, once the guest get called through for the wedding breakfast I continue around the tables (naturally pausing for your formal entrance), working in coordination with the staff and around the food being served to ensure guests don’t feel like they are waiting.

Of course, this also means that the top table don’t miss out (especially if they’ve been posing for photographs all afternoon), and get a special trick.

Should you be having speeches before the meal (very popular nowadays as everyone can relax and enjoy their meals without worry!) then I can perform around the later part of the meal, and continue in the bar area as evening guests arrive and tables are cleared and discos, bands and dance-floors are being set up.

  • 1.5 hours of magic at either afternoon or evening reception (as above)
  • Plus 45/60 minutes of magic around tables (allowing for 15 minute transition)
  • Special trick for the top table
  • Fits around when you have speeches

Ultimate Wedding (with Hosting) Package

This is a full all day wedding hosting package that not only ensures your guests are entertained through-out the whole day (starting from the end of the ceremony, right through to the First Dance and disco). It involves so much it has it’s own page – and is customisable to you requirements.

Through-out your wedding I build from showing a couple of tricks – to creating a long lasting experience.

See the Wedding Magician page (if you haven’t already) for more pictures and videos. Full standard terms and conditions are available to view at

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