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It’s not something that you may have thought about, and it’s something you hope you don’t need; but it definitely pays to have event insurance in place when arranging your event. I’ve teamed up with (the appropriately named company) Event Insurance, providers of, well, event insurance…!

One never organises an event, books a venue, hires entertainment and invites guests with the view of cancelling it; but unforeseen circumstances do happen (anyone remember that slight blip in 2020 and 2021…?) which can force cancellations. And with the amount of financial investment already in place it makes sense to cover yourself as much as possible against potential financial loss.

Let’s look at an example. You are organising a Golden Wedding Anniversary, so book a venue, catering, room decoration, and of course a magician to entertain your guests. The week before the big party you trip, land heavy and break a leg. Fortunately you’re only in hospital for a couple of nights and the doctor says it’ll heal soon, but no party. Of course, all the suppliers will want paying in full, even though it isn’t your fault.

Hopefully your supplier will have issued you with a formal invoice/contract clearly stating their terms, and because you have taken out event insurance you can make the payments you are legally obliged to pay; and reclaim those loses on the insurance.

As well as covering event cancellation – which is the most obvious reason for insuring your event – Event Insurance‘s policies can also provide Public Liability Insurance and loss or damage to equipment. For example, your Golden Wedding Anniversary is in a marquee in your back garden and someone slips on a split drink and breaks their leg. (Venues will have their own PLI, but you may need your own if you are on private property, renting a hall, etc. Professional suppliers – like myself – should have their own PLI, but that will only cover them and their activities.)

Event Insurance offer policies for:

  • One-off events
  • Celebrations
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Street parties
  • Competitions & raffles
  • Bands & DJs
  • And a whole host of other events

If you would like to take out an insurance policy or obtain a quote, Event Insurance may be able to assist you by using this link: www.events-insurance.co.uk/introducer/QQ0426.

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