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My magical skill-set is invaluable in the modern exhibition and trade show arena. Magic is not just restricted to corporate hospitality and social events, but can be used strategically to play a significant part in increasing your exposure to potential customers.

Professional Magician for your Exhibition Stand

It sounds obvious to say it, but at an exhibition you need to attract footfall to your stand. It’s a fundamental, but many businesses will spend thousands on a trade show stand (not to mention the lost revenue taking staff out of the office for a few days, not to mention the travel and accommodation costs!) and not make the most of the opportunity.

My sales and interpersonal skills – in combination with high quality professional magic and mind-reading – enables me to:

  • Stop, engage and interact with delegates as they walk around the exhibition floor,
  • Get their attention, raise it; and then focus that attention,
  • Build receptiveness with great magic,
  • Customise magical presentations as metaphors for the products and services you offer (and the benefits you provide),
  • Raise your brand awareness by including your company branding and USP within the magic,
  • Pre-qualify delegates,
  • Pass them directly to the most appropriate member of your exhibition team for further qualification.

To put it another way, when you are booking your stand the exhibition organisers will no doubt tell you how many thousands of people will be attending over the time – but if you don’t actively engage with as many of those as possible it’s likely many potential future customers will walk by without giving your expensive stand so much as a second glance.

“The event was a success and that having you there certainly helped stand traffic and to stop people, which has been an issue in the past” – NorthgateArinso Ltd

Prior to being a full time professional magician in 2006 I worked within the financial services industry, which was a direct to customer sales position. I qualified as an Independent Financial Adviser, and worked in direct sales for major corporate companies. This means I know about the sales process, and integrate that with close-up magic and mind-reading – it’s not just turning up and showing card tricks.

Bespoke Presentations to Increase Qualified Lead Generation

Your products, logos and mission statements all can be tailored into effects; making sure your company gets noticed, and stays at the forefront of your customer’s mind. This can take varying formats, from using branded pens, notepads and envelopes – though to custom made decks of playing cards, and even Rubik Cubes! And of course these are kept as souvenirs afterwards.

Booking me to build crowds at your exhibition stand means that you are not just getting a magician, but a powerful tool to make your company stands out from all your competitors.

At the exhibition I will become a member of your sales team, targeted to create leads – and not be there merely to provide entertainment to the passing delegates. In fact I make so much effort to integrate within teams, learn about the company I am representing and features of the products and services, many people think that I am an employee of the company – not a hired contractor just for the trade show.

Robert Bone Surprise Magician

I offer three main core packages – those naturally these can be adapted and adjusted to fit the requirements

Interactive Close-Up Magic

Exhibition Magician
  • Mingles on and around your stand
  • Professional close-up magic
  • No staging, PA or stand customisation required
  • Works around and integrates with your sales staff

Customised Interactive Close-Up Magic

  • Customised scripts can feature your core message
  • Uses branded props and giveaways
  • Mingles on and around your stand
  • Professional close-up magic
  • No staging, PA or stand customisation required
  • Works around and integrates with your sales staff

Branded Crowd-Gathering Platform Shows

  • Regular mind-reading show
  • Build audiences through-out the day
  • Bring the audience into your stand
  • Customised scripts can feature your core message
  • Uses branded props and giveaways
  • Digital content for your pre-show marketing
  • Professional and entertaining
  • Pre-show meeting to discuss your needs and strategy for the show

Exhibition Magician – Case Study

Trade Show Magician

Also take a moment to read a real-life case-study from when I worked with ECCS Ltd on their stand at The Workplace Event 2022, held at the NEC near Birmingham. You can read the real benefits experienced by a company. (Update: ECCS also booked me again 2023, and within a week already said they’ll be using my services again for more shows in 2024!)

ECCS Exhibition Magician Case Study

Corporate Hospitality Close-Up Magic

Although the exhibition stand itself will likely take priority, many companies use the opportunity to meet with customers and potential new customers in the evenings. This is a great idea if you having to travel a distance to attend the show, and is often the only opportunity to meet some of your clients face to face.

The evening is therefore a good time to connect on a more social basis – and including close-up magic ensure it isn’t just drinks and awkward small-talk. For a small investment your clients can be made to feel really special, especially when they witness some amazing close-up magic within their own hands.

Although tempting to continue the branding like on the exhibition stand, this is an occasion when the magic works better when kept un-branded – though of course a few subtle mentions are included so they are still aware of who is providing them with the experience!

Exhibition Magician

Close-up magic can be provided for a small group (such as a short time around a dinner table in a restaurant) to mingling around guests at a larger evening reception. This can be included as part of the overall package or booked as a standalone event.

Find Out More

To find out more about attracting more footfall to your stand at exhibitions and trade shows see www.rjbexhibitions.co.uk, the site for RJB Exhibitions (formerly Nebula Events).

Contact me now to discuss how he can make your event a magical occasion. Email [email protected] or call direct on 07930 420 257.

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